Best Construction Company 

DESTINY Construction, Inc. is recognized as the best custom home builders in Orange County, CA, because of the superior quality finish and world class construction services delivered to every client.


DESTINY Construction, Inc. is leading construction company in OC, specializing in various types of construction including Green-buildings, commercial and residential new construction, commercial tenant improvement, and residential remodeling.


What's the Difference?



As a quality driven construction company in Orange County, we put Quality over Quantity. We focus on small number of projects at a time.

We believe providing dedicated project management focusing on quality production of each individual projects is the key to success.



Our first priority to our clients is to provide a construction service with 100% SAFETY. This means protecting our clients’ properties, communities, and all of our workers' safety. We have the industry's leading safety procedures and policies. You can count us on that.



Our business model allows us to minimize the overhead cost and maximize the output at production. Our company is like an elite athlete with close to 3% body fat. This shows in our construction budget that beats the competition.



Who We Are:


As a commercial construction company in Orange County, we strive hard to stay ahead. We manage and build with the latest tools and technology.

We stay ahead of schedule by constantly looking ahead and finding the critical issues early. We provide the expertise of the field to architects and engineers to make a collaborative teamwork.


As a residential construction company in Orange County, we provide quality finishes at affordable rate. We specialize in kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, flooring, and more.



"Home of the Professional Builders"




We provide pre-construction, construction, and construction management services for both private and public in design - build / integrative project delivery and design - bid - build commercial and custom home construction in Orange County and greater Los Angeles.



About Us

We are founded on solid experience and great wealth of knowledge in commercial and residential construction. From ground up new construction to tenant improvement projects, we know how to quickly turn it over to the clients.

DESTINY Construction, Inc. is the best construction company in Orange County specializing custom homes that demand the highest level of attention to details and the proper construction management that saves time and money.

DESTINY Construction, Inc. is committed to serving our clients with the utmost professionalism and the highest quality service in every aspect of our business. We are the reliable construction company in Los Angeles and Orange County area in CA.


Built on solid rock of integrity, honesty, and responsibility, our team of dedicated builders are trustworthy.





Retail / Tenant Improvement

Our clients rely on us to complete the construction according to the most stringent requirements of the building landlord while working towards the full integration of all building systems.

Our dedicated years of experience and reliable team of builders will successfully take any projects to the finish line.


Core and Shell

Through integrative process, we provide valuable construction knowledge to the table. We understand the client's master plan and work together to bring the vision to fruition in most efficient way possible.


Restaurant Construction

Restaurant build outs are what we do best. Restaurant construction can be the most coordination intense industry, which must be carefully planned and communicated throughout the entire duration of the construction. We stay ahead of it all.

DESTINY Construction, Inc. is a restaurant construction contractor. We are experienced and knowledgeable to build great restaurants that will be sturdy, easy to maintain, the one built to last.


Office / Warehouse / Custom Projects

We design build commercial projects to best suit the occupants. We don't just build. We provide construction service that starts from the planning all the way to the warranty and maintenance. All spaces are unique and share the commonality of comfort in occupancy. We have the best advises.


Home remodeling / renovations

Our experienced team can transform your home into a whole new look that not only appreciates the property value, but also enhances the homeowner experience.


Call us and get the best price and the most reliable consultation.